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About Us

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What even is this?

Our Aim?

The Lost Poetry Club is an audible zine podcast. In each episode, a theme is chosen, setting the stage for boundless exploration. We aim to deliver a blend of imagined and real-life tales that unfurl like short films, punctuated by evocative poetry and flash fiction, and complemented by music sourced outside of the mainstream, all crafted for an immersive auditory experience.

Each episode will contain approximately one hour of content and be available to access on all major platforms.



To create a kaleidoscope of voices and materials, fostering a new haven for unconventional narratives and responding to a globalized network of creativity.


While centered around speculative ideas, we are open to a true variety of genres and formats as long as they offer fresh perspectives on universal experiences.



Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Illy Kotz!

The happy creator, host, and editor-in-chief of this little operation. I hail from Bristol, U.K., where I live with a husband-type person and our cat-cum-intern, Bean.

Over the years, I've ventured into directing, writing, editing, acting, and producing —in short, I’m a jill-of-all-trades.

My hobbies include day-dreaming and making up silly songs and I never met a margarita I didn't like.


Illy Kotz



Meet our plucky team of international volunteers, spanning Italy, Finland, and the U.K., making the magic happen.


We have recently grown to include two dedicated editors/slush readers Sidney Brown (also a contributor) and Gaia Sicolo (we ✨ LP Slush Club), as well as casting director Eleanor Hambi. We are also utilizing the sonic powers of sound designer Chris Scott Cole.


Together, we are bravely forging ahead with the production of our first season.




Gaia Sicolo

Editor/Slush Reader



Eleanor Hambi

Casting Director


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Sidney Brown

Editor/Slush Reader


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